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Top 10 Cannabis Tech Solution Companies - 2020

The U.S. cannabis industry is in a time of rapid transition– business models are changing, investors are questioning projections, legalization is advancing, new talent is entering the industry and technology is rapidly evolving. It’s an exciting time to be in cannabis. Here’s what we think growers can look forward to in 2021.

It is a fact that the CBD industry is growing faster than companies can harvest the plants. Researches by reputable financial firms show that by 2022, the CBD industry will be worth more than 22 billion dollars. Wall Street experts estimate that within a decade, the industry will be worth at least more than 75 billion dollars. The boom in the CBD sector has spurred an influx of technology in using new and advanced technologies when cultivating the plants. Technology is needed when farming cannabis plants to keep up with the demand. Scientists have come up with revolutionary biotechnologies which make sure that cannabis plants grow fast and effectively.

Those technologies also ensure that the quality of plant that is grown by farmers and companies is of high quality which makes it possible to produce high-quality CBD products.

Although there is still a lot of research to be one of the best ways to cultivate marijuana seeds, scientists have come up with ways to plant cannabis seeds using technology and machinery using greenhouse technology. Using AI, it is possible to gather a lot of information regarding CBD customer buying habits and preferences. Using that information, you can know which products to improve, products to remove from your portfolio, as well as understanding which products have the highest demand in the online market.

Artificial intelligence has also played a massive role in helping scientists and marketers collect data which they use in analyzing commercial trends as well as using it for scientific reasons. Right now, the internet is flooded with information regarding CBD products. The CBD industry is developing at a very fast pace. Technology will continue to influence the industry for many years to come. Innovation-driven by science will continue to influence the CBD and cannabis industry. However, technology will play a big role in determining how the CBD industry will perform in the future.

We present to you, “Top 10 Cannabis Tech Solution Providers - 2020.”

    Top Cannabis Tech Solution Companies

  • Conception Nurseries is bringing state-of-the-art tissue culture technology to the cannabis industry to provide cultivators with elite cannabis clones without using seeds or pollination, which produces plantlets free of pathogens with exceptional vigor, at a cost-per-plant below producers' in-house costs


  • Jointly has developed and launched a consumer wellness app for the iPhone (Android version is under development) that aims to provide much needed product transparency in the legal cannabis industry. After Jointly has established its consumer application as a leading wellness tool for cannabis consumers, its next focus will be on developing the app’s functionality to recommend the best legal cannabis products available for customers’ specific cannabis wellness goals


  • Portal42 is a cannabis seed to sale software solution that allows provisioning centers, processing, and cultivation owners to track their data and be more effective and efficient. The company continues to have its finger on the pulse of state-of-the-art technology and products to enable the facilities to provide enhanced customer experience even during the pandemic. To elucidate, the company is ensuring robust communication between facilities and their patients and customers and adding an online payment solution. Also, Portal42 has a pickup/delivery component in place, which is helping its clients provide a touchless solution, eliminating the need for human-to-human interaction and in-store queues in this new normal


  • Cannabistry


    Cannabistry Labs is a scientific research and development company leveraging the significant experience, expertise and success its principals have obtained from many years of leading successful innovation in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Their mission is to maximize the value of plants grown by cannabis cultivation centers for both patients and operators. They have a novel suite of branded products and delivery systems that are reliable, consistent and deliver therapeutic benefits. Their business model is to engage state-sanctioned growers and processors through licensing our intellectual property. They provide all of the preparation, training, technical specifications and quality control needed for the production, marketing and branding of their products.

  • Ethos Manufacturing

    Ethos Manufacturing

    Ethos Manufacturing was created to reduce dependencies on labor-intensive equipment, remove bottlenecks, and streamline manufacturing operations with compliant-minded solutions. They provide innovative technology for extracting and processing biomass at scale. Their equipment and automation suite enable large scale extraction, recovery, and distillation by maximizing output with minimal footprint to achieve energy efficiency at lower costs.

  • Growgenics


    Growgenics' customizable LED lighting technology provides the rapidly growing markets of indoor cannabis and indoor vertical food farming the ability to maximize plant growth while reducing heat and energy by 50%. Their powerful patent-pending technology is efficient, easy to use, and cost effective.

  • MJ Freeway

    MJ Freeway

    The only thing they are more passionate about than cannabis is solving business problems. From day one, patent-pending algorithms were designed specifically to cover cannabis cultivation, manufacturing, and retail. This industry-native perspective is what our customers love. They developed MJ Platform because our clients were growing and needed software that could support them along the way.

  • Orange Photonics

    Orange Photonics

    The Orange Photonics (OP) team is passionate about analytical instrumentation. They also passionate about delivering the best possible products in support of operational efficiency, quality control and innovation. Orange Photonics’ analytical instrumentation serves the needs of the cannabis industry, counting cultivators, extractors, departments of agriculture, universities, testing laboratories, infused products producers, and regulators among its customers

  • Root Sciences

    Root Sciences

    Root Sciences is the global leader in the distribution of equipment and support services for processing facilities in the cannabis and hemp industries, representing premium extraction, distillation and other post-processing technologies. Root Sciences works closely with licensed producers and processing partners who provide the experience and expertise necessary to isolate active cannabinoids and therapeutic terpenes for healing and wellness. They achieve test results as high as 99.85% in total cannabinoids with the use of our distillation equipment.

  • Solar Cultivation Technologies

    Solar Cultivation Technologies

    Solar Cultivation Technologies provides the GreenCann System, which uses state-of-the-art technology to revolutionize the cannabis industry. It all starts by obtaining the energy needed from natural sources. SCT was founded and is headed by a respected team of long-time commercial cannabis producers and former Tesla/Solar City (NASDAQ: TSLA) and SUNRUN (NASDAQ: RUN) energy executives with years of experience in solar and clean energy as well as an intimate knowledge of the cultivation of Cannabis